Who we are

Rambo Production's Head Office is based in South East Queensland, Australia, on the fabulous Gold Coast. Our goal is to bring the world of advertising and entertainment together, working to deliver new ideas and concepts, connecting local and international business within the Entertainment sector, Film and TV, Marketing and Retail, Government and Local Community.


Together we promote, entertain, create, and support local businesses and charities.


Is your company , business or brand looking to partner with a TV series sponsorship?

The Team

The team at RAMBO Productions consists of a talented team of motivated and enthusiastic personnel. The team has a wide background including TV and film, product development, marketing and promotions, retail and wholesale, training and IT, Fashion, Sponsorship and Project Management.

What we do

We are working, and exploring the possibilities of where the new world of digital entertainment can be taken and molded to incorporate branding of both tangible physical products and intangible experiences that will enhance the product and entertainment experience for the end user

Our Partners

RAMBO Productions partners with a variety of exceptional corporations, from Government, Sporting, Retail, Marketing, Entertainment, and Community Organisations.

We find a solution

As a business dealing in Marketing and Retail, we understand the concerns of how to advertise your brands in the new era of Netflix, STAN, HBO and Foxtel.

Brand awareness

Product endorsement, product placement and brand awareness are integral to the next generation of TV and Film in all it's digital platforms.